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Made-To-Order Custom Belt Buckles - Almost Any Design, Logo & Colors

antique buckles

Antique Buckles

Our best value buckle. These ship fast. Thousands or just a few.

color buckles

Color Buckles

Stand out with color. We do our best to color-match logos.

bright buckles

Bright Buckles

Looking for shiny gold buckles, silver buckles, or just some bling?

Our custom belt buckles are simply the best you can get. We are the largest online custom buckle store. We manufacture buckles for men, western belt buckles, cowboy buckles, silver belt buckles – you get the idea.

We have produced brass military buckles for troops, marines, and government. Diecast buckles for corporations, and really cool buckles for motorcycle clubs, running events, individuals, fundraisers, events, and fortune 500 companies.

Our belt buckles are custom made specifically for you: Your logo, your event, your design, your color, your size and color. Gold, silver, antique buckles, die-cast, die-struck, brass – any buckle you can imagine!

Our talented buckle design department can help you with artwork and will create a unique custom buckle design for all your needs.

You will be blown away at how inexpensive our custom buckles are priced, and how quickly we produce them. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly bring our customer ideas to reality, and we always ship them on time. We can often deliver finished buckles when our competition is still working on artwork.

We have global sources who are belt buckle experts that understand what makes a great custom buckle. That’s because they themselves have spent time in the military, on the road with rock bands, and are buckle wearers themselves. If you are not exactly sure what you want to do, we can help by drawing on our many years of experience in the business.

how we do it

If you have artwork, sketches or any photo that you want to share with us now, please feel free to email us.

Over 50 years of Experience

North American Made Products Available